‘Dawson Bros’

Dawson Brothers drapery store, on the junction of City Road and East Road, was a big employer in the 1950’s and was valued by local people for allowing them to furnish their homes affordably.

The site of the old Dawson Brothers store, at the corner of East Road and City Road

Shirley and Charles Howard

Picture from London Metropolitan Archives

City Road in 1953


7 Responses to ‘Dawson Bros’

  1. execelsior says:

    I have been searching for information about Dawson’s Department Store for the story I have written about it on my website:

    East End Memories at http://www.eastend-memories.org

    As I said in my story, it was a store like no other!!!!

    I would be grateful to learn of any other information that you may have about the original owner, the architect of the building and anything else about this wonderful stores. Hackney Archives’ information is NOT available as it is in the process of being moved to their new home in Dalston.

    Please take a look at my website and especially the story about Dawson’s and let me know what you think.

    Many thanks.

    Charles S.P. Jenkins

  2. execelsior says:

    Would you like a photograph of DAWSON’S BROS from the early 1950s?

    Please contact.


    Charles S.P. JENKINS

  3. Sue says:

    Would that come under Hackney or Islington?

  4. J Cunningham says:

    I remember when visiting seeing a parrot in a cage, was it yellow? Former ironmonger St resident.

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